Terms & Conditions for contract partners

These general Terms and Conditions shall be applied upon sale of Cappelen Dimyr products and constitute an integrated part of a contract between Cappelen Dimyr and you as a partner.



How to place an order


1, Send your order request in writing to order@cappelendimyr.com. It shall include product name, size, quantity and reference of the specific order.

2, We will send an order confirmation within no longer than ten (10) days.

3, You except the order and confirm it via email.

4, We send an invoice and you pay the full amount of the invoice within the payment terms.

5, Order is completed and on its way!



All prices are listed in Euro. Prices are agreed separately in writing. We have the right to change prices due to changes in exchange rates, taxes, fees, or customs duties.

All prices are quoted DAP (”Delivered At Place”) and include the costs of such packing materials that may be deemed necessary under normal transport conditions. Shipping is included in price for orders within EU. Value added tax and any other taxes, fees, or customs duties will be charged in addition to quoted prices.


Payment is done on invoice with net 10 days. If the payment is not completed within the terms of payment starting from the invoice date and 10 days the order will be cancelled. No orders will be proceed until the payment is received.

Shipping & delivery

Delivery and time frames will be determined in the order confirmation. All delivery is made by DAP (”Delivered At Place”), as set forth in the most recent edition of INCOTERMS. Delivery within EU is included in the quoted price.

Custom Orders

Custom orders in size are available in every design. Every order is made by request to order@cappelendimyr.com. Custom orders are non-refundable and the full amount must be paid before manufacture commences. For all custom order a shipping fee will be added. If you have a custom order request please email us for a quote.

Sales and online sales

You are only authorised to sell through your contract business you stated on your initial request. Cappelen Dimyr rugs shall be sold at the recommended retail price. You are forbidden from selling Cappelen Dimyr rugs on any online shop or retail outlet. We do not allow our rugs to be sold at online auction sites or through markets without written permission. Examples of this may be Amazon, Ebay, through Facebook Buy-In Groups etc.


If you don’t place a re-order within 12 months we will re evaluate the partnership.



Claims and returns

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please do not return rugs before contacting us. For cancellations and order changes they must be reported by email within 10 days of order. For defect rugs they shall be reported by email. No returns on contract orders will be accepted unless in the event of a defect.


Cappelen Dimyr rugs may vary in color and/or detailing as a result of the handcrafted nature of this item. This makes every piece unique. You accept this when the order is placed. It will not be a considered defect and therefore no claim for refund.


We also reserves the right to make minor changes to the product if so required for technical manufacturing reasons or consequent upon the producer having modified the design of the product.



Copyright and Images

This website is owned by Cappelen Dimyr, and subject to copyright. If you would like to use any of our images for promotional purposes please ask permission first - a simple email is fine.



Force majeure

If a party, or a subcontractor to a party, is prevented from performing as a consequence of an event beyond its control (including but not limited to strike, fire, flood, extreme weather, natural disaster, war, uprising, invasion, vandalism, sabotage, riot, terrorism embargo, scarcity of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, or new legislation) and which event could not reasonably have been foreseen, the party shall be released from liability to perform the contract.

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