no.11 is a heavy and ristic rug in a luxury chunky wool woven in a classic basket weave contruction. The bold and exagurated yarn runs through the entire rug and end up with fringes along all sides with the same yarn.

This elevated yet classic piece is the first piece in the Cappelen Dimyr collection with amore classic appearence


The rug is woven in natural mixed and unbleached New Zealand wool.


Any variation in color or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique.


1-2 weeks expected delivery time. Samples will be dispatched within a few days.


  • Product type: Hand woven in New Zealand wool

    Material: 100% Wool

    Color: Umbra

    Height: approx 20 mm

    Fringes: 18-20cm

    GSM (Gross Weight per Sq.Mtr): 6000 g/m²

    Sizes: 200x260, 240x320 cm

    Production: India 

Care for your Cappelen Dimyr

You can trust your Cappelen Dimyr is produced by hand, in the finest available wool with long and strong fibres. However, all long pile rugs tend to shed initially and we therefor recommend you to vacuum your rug daily for an initial period. It is normal for the rug to lose individual fibres, and the excess fibres does not affect the quality of the rug. We recommend to vacuum without a rotary brush spout on our long pile rugs, since there is a risk of damaging the yarn. Also make sure not to use a heavy beater bar or have the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground. Shedding tends to decrease within a couple of months.

Remove stains by carefully use only warm water or for more heavy marks add a tiny bit of normal soap. The wool contains natural fat which helps keeping stains from penetrating the fibres, and is therefore important to sustain. For excess liquid gently dab with a microfiber cloth. For more thorough cleaning, dry cleaning is recommended.

All the designs are owned by Cappelen Dimyr and protected by regulations internationally.